Arun David
professional TECHNOLOGIST,
occasional DESIGNER,
seasonal TRAVELER,
timepass GAMER.
I love to solve real world problems with technology solutions.
I create websites & mobile apps that makes the internet world a little more useful & beautiful.
Technology, Startup-Business, Product Development, Research, Photography, Art, Games, Weekend trip with family, Comedy film with friends, Photowalk in the streets, Playing FIFA in large screen, Crime TV series while coding, Sleeping in a noisy room.
some technologies for web development to make the web a better place. Technology or programming language doesn't matter if you know the logic to develop, and I know some logic.
Tinywall social network
Some side projects
more to come...
Developing technology for Scripbox to help people secure their financial future.
Helping people find part-time jobs with our start-up DoPartTime.
+91 9789535742